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Do yoga exercises on 18 outlines a sixfold yoga practice consisting of breath control (pranayama), sense withdrawal (pratyahara), concentration (dhyana), deeper concentration (dharana), contemplation (tarka) and absorption (samadhi). There are a number of points to note about this list. In the first place, five of the six components of this list are found in Patanjali s later eightfold yoga, tarka being the one omitted. Patanjali s other three components are restraints (yama), disciplines (niyama) and posture (asana). Patanjali puts these three at the beginning of his list as they are essentially preparatory for the mental practices that follow. Tarka was omitted, probably to keep the number of components to eight, mirroring the eightfold path of the Buddhists. The second noteworthy point about these lists is that the order of dhyana and dharana is reversed in Patanjali s version. Do yoga exercises 2016.

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