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Different yoga postures on That said, the most well-known version of the Buddhist path to salvation from suffering is the noble eightfold path (ariya attangika magga/arya astanga marga). There are, however, a number of training schemes mentioned in the Pali Canon which either lead to enlightenment or contribute to it in some way. Many of these schemes contain practices found in others; so they can be regarded as various ways of explaining the nature of the spiritual life according to Buddhism. Eventually, a list of 37 factors contributing to awakening (bodhi pakkhiya dhamma) was compiled. There are four references to this list in the Sutta Pitaka, though they are not called bodhipakkhiyadhamma in these places.29 The situation in which this list is introduced is the announcement to the Buddha of Mahavira s death and a schism among his followers. The Buddha s response is to identify the items that are accepted by all his followers. Different yoga postures 2016.

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