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Different yoga positions on In short, the yogic solution to the problem of suffering only works if the yogic analysis of its nature and causes are accurate. That said, even if they are not accurate, there may be other benefits to be gained from adopting a lifestyle based on yogic teachings. For the Buddha, there is a state that is not subject to suffering, a state that he calls the unconditioned. Unlike conditioned states, the unconditioned is permanent (nitya) rather than impermanent (anitya) and happy (sukha) rather than painful (duhkha), though even this state (often called nibanna/nirvana by the Buddha) is without abiding substance. It too is anatta/anatman. On this point the yogic teaching of the Buddha departs most significantly from that found in the Upanisads. The Upanisadic atman is a substance (sat) and it is active, directing every individual from within as the inner controller (antaryamin) and creating the universe. Different yoga positions 2016.

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