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Different yoga poses on A little later, in 1893, Swami Vivekananda spoke at the Chicago Parliament of Religions and was warmly received by Westerners with an interest in Indian spirituality. He stayed in the USA until 1897 and then returned for a brief visit in 1899. It was during this sojourn in the USA that two of his most influential works were published: Karma Yoga (1896) and Raja Yoga (1896). The other two works in what became a quartet on yoga, Jnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga, did not, however, go to press until after his death in 1902. The four forms of yoga outlined in these texts are frequently employed as organizing categories by contemporary writers who are seeking to map out the territory of yoga. Sometimes, one or more additional categories are attached to this fourfold scheme.3 Initially, Vivekananda followed Keshubchandra Sen, one of the leaders of the Hindu renaissance, in connecting these four kinds of yoga with four kinds of religious person: the yogi or meditator (raja yoga); the bhakta or devotee (bhakti yoga); the jnani or philosopher (jnana yoga), and the shebak or active servant of humanity (karma yoga). Different yoga poses 2016.

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