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Different yoga asanas on These Upanisads can be divided into two broad groups on the basis of their content. The first comprises nine from Deussen s list (excluding the Culika94 and the Hamsa) plus the Pasupatabrahma and the Mahavakya; the second is made up of the remaining Upanisads in the Adyar collection. Upanisads in the first group tend to be Vedic-Vedantic (mostly advaita) in character and describe forms of yoga based on the Om-sound (Omkara). Those in the second group are tantric. All refer to the manipulation of the kundalind sakti (coiled power) and locate the practice of yoga within a body of subtle energy that is described in far more detail than is found in earlier Upanisads and which has features not found in those earlier descriptions. As far as I am aware, no scholar has undertaken a systematic dating of these texts, though James Mallinson s extensive investigation of hathayogic texts leads him to locate them well after the date of the Hathapradipika (Hatha Yoga Pradipika), i.e. Different yoga asanas 2016.

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