Diet To Help You Get The Best From Your Meals

“Porridge is a fantastic breakfast choice as oats contain fibre and protein to keep Lesley feeling full throughout the morning. She has added blueberries and honey to the mix which are also good options – blueberries are full of antioxidants, while the addition of a bit of honey, although high in sugar, is absolutely fine – everything in moderation. She had a bigger than average portion of oats at 80g, which is a great way to set yourself up for the day, and to ensure hunger pangs don’t start until lunch time.

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“Lesley’s choice of red pepper salad for lunch was a good one, as it is full of vegetables and high fibre chickpeas and bulgur. However, at just 255 calories a pack, it is a little on the low side for a meal. She should aim to have around 400-500 cals if she isn’t aiming to lose weight. I would recommend that she add something else, such as home-made bulgur wheat and vegetable salad with chicken or low-fat feta cheese. Another option could be a large serving of mixed vegetable soup with a wholemeal roll – this is a great choice for colder days.

Skinless chicken breast is a low-fat, high-quality source of protein for Lesley’s dinner, and serving this with three portions of veg is excellent. She has opted for green beans, broccoli and carrots giving her a range of nutrients. I would recommend that she include carbs to her evening meal as her intake is a little low for someone who is as active as she is. A portion of new potatoes with the skin on, a baked sweet potato or wholegrain rice would make good additions to Lesley’s evening meal.

“Her snack of mixed fruit, walnuts, honey and yoghurt is great. It provides her with a whole host of nutrients for the day such as protein, calcium, good fats, fibre and vitamins. It is also a substantial snack to help keep her going until dinner. As Lesley’s total calorie intake for the day is a little low, and given her activity levels, I’d recommend adding an extra mid-morning snack. Additional options could include peanut butter on a slice of wholemeal toast, rice cakes with low-fat cream cheese or vegetable crudités with houmous.”

Overall Lesley has made some healthy choices for her meals and snacks.

She should now: 1 Ensure that she’s drinking at least eight glasses of fluid a day, especially on the days where she is more active.

2 Aim to include a small portion of wholemeal carbs in her lunch and dinner, to help support her energy levels.

3 Add an extra mid-morning snack or a larger lunch to ensure that she is getting enough calories throughout the day.

Breakfast Porridge with blueberries and honey

Lunch Falafel and red pepper salad (store-bought)

Dinner Chicken breast with broccoli, carrots, green beans and gravy

Snacks Greek yoghurt with banana, blueberries, strawberries, walnuts and honey

Drinks Four glasses of water and a cappuccino

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