Diet Tips For Weight Loss Fast

Diet Tips For Weight Loss Fast


Soda and candy calling to you from strategically placed machines around your school campus? Many schools are getting rid of them.

If these machines are going to remain in your school for fund-raising or other purposes, ask for equal time for foods that do really good things for youincluding boosting your academic and athletic performance.

Ask that 1 percent low-fat or skim milk, cold water, whole grain chips and whole grain crackers, nuts, dried fruits, and other healthy snacks be included as choices in your school’s vending machines.


So many people care! Look for support among faculty (including the school nurse), student council reps, parents, and other students. Find out if your school has a wellness council that focuses on nutrition and safe, fun physical activities (both competitive and noncompetitive) during and after school. Think of it: everything from Ping-Pong to salsa dancing could be considered.

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If your school does not have a school wellness council, speak up to the principal and start one.


Food gardens are springing up in schools all over the United States, including in the middle of cities.

Developing and using food gardens as teaching tools is really catching on.

How much fun would it be for you and your friends at school to get some exercise, fresh air, and bonding time while you dig in the dirt, plant and harvest your own crops, and maybe grow beautiful flowers?

While you’re learning interesting information about scienceare there other subjects that tie in?

The same sun rises and sets over the city as it does over the country. Plants need soil, water, and sunshine.

Got those three things in your schoolyard?

Yup, you do!

Too much asphalt and concrete?

Aboveground gardens in great big wooden boxes work. Parents can help you build ’em.

Why not set up a meeting with a teacher and/or principal to discuss the possibilities? Make it happen.

To learn more about gardening and what you can do, visit, a website from the National Gardening Association.

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