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Diet cleansing on The last two are concerned with the gods Visnu and Siva respectively and dependent for most of their directly philosophical teachings on the first two.24 Vedaranyaka refers to the Vedic corpus of Samhita, Brahmana, Aranyaka and Upanisad.25 Samkhya-Yoga refers primarily to the system of Kapila, the ancient and supreme seer, the only founder of a philosophical system known to the epic.26 Although Samkhya and Yoga are frequently said to be one practice (ekacaryau),27 they are sometimes distinguished from each other,28 though it is far from easy to determine the exact teachings to which these terms refer. As Hopkins points out, there is a fundamental difference between the ancient yoga that is referred to in a number of short stories and the later yoga that is based on an elaborate course of breathings and mental confinement in bodily postures.29 The former is essentially severe asceticism, e.g. Diet cleansing 2016.



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