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Diet at home on The Mahabharata, according to V.S. Sukthankar, was about 24,000 verses long, whilst the present version is around 100,000 verses.2 The Ramayana, which has an identifiable author, Valmdki, currently has around 25,000 couplets and is divided into seven chapters, the first and last of which are generally thought by scholars to be later additions. The expansion of the Mahabharata, in Sukthankar s view, was not a haphazard but a coordinated affair undertaken by a brahman family called Bhrgu. So we can expect, and do in fact find, that much of the current version of the Mahabharata is concerned with themes that are of greater interest to priestly groups (brahmans) than to the warrior nobility (ksatriyas).3 Little in the Ramayana has to do with yoga directly, though it has retrospective value for later practitioners of bhakti yoga (the discipline of spiritual devotion), mainly through the symbolism of Hanuman (the general of the monkey army who expresses deep devotion to Prince Rama, who, in chapters one and seven, is presented as an incarnation of the god Visnu). Diet at home 2016.

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