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Detox yoga on Repeated use of proper grammar gradually cleanses the mind of these traces. This stage is followed by breathing practices and mantric meditation, which further cleanses the mind of past traces. The most essential and most difficult requirement is the suppression of sequence, meaning, in terms of language, word order, but also but also the sequencing of thoughts Finally, the mind is quieted and the intuitive experience of Sabda Brahman can ensue, which brings with it moksa or release from the cycle of reincarnation. [B]y practicing (sic) the Vedas, the vast darkness is removed Bhartrhari s religion of language, or yoga of the word, did not, however, refer to language generically. It was strictly the language of the Vedas and Upanisads that is, Sanskrit which was worshipped. In addition to being the language of the Vedas, Sanskrit was also the language of the ruling class the Aryans and Aryanized groups and the exclusivity of their language represented also the exclusivity of their privilege. The worship of the Sanskrit language, in other words, became a tool of dominance. Detox yoga 2016.

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