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Detox diet weight loss on It could be argued, however, that all these are merely forms of pranayama (prana control) which do not employ the direct manipulation of the breath for the attainment of this end. Nevertheless, the most common method of controlling the prana is through the breath and it is this method that is called pranayama. Because breath and prana are so intimately linked and since breath is probably the clearest manifestation of pranic activity at the gross level this is a natural starting point for one who wishes to control prana. Here again we are reminded of the most fundamental correspondence in hatha yoga: that between the physical and subtle realms. If this did not exist, the efficacy of hatha yoga in terms of achieving its goal of liberation would be difficult to understand, though its practical benefits at the level of psychophysiology would remain. Pranayama based on breathing can be divided into three stages: control of inspiration (puraka), control of retention (kumbhaka) and control of expiration (recaka). Of these three, says Eliade, the most important is the breathing retention, for it is this that actually arouses the kundalind. Detox diet weight loss 2016.

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