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Detox diet at home on mahAyAna buddhism Some time after the death of the Buddha a controversy broke out within the Buddhist community over the issue of whether people who claimed to be arahats had really destroyed the asavas. Karel Werner suggests that even though most of the early arahats had gained the three and often the six higher knowledges, we have at quite an early stage in the Pali canonical tradition several types of liberated ones who had attained nirvana, but who were not equal to each other in the attainment of higher spiritual powers. Yet they were recognised as arahants who had destroyed their cankers [asava].40 Some of these had attained to only one of the six knowledges: destruction of the asavas. This is technically all that is needed for the attainment of freedom, but, as Werner points out, it was possible for people to think that they had destroyed the asavas when they had not, and he cites the cases of Maha Naga and Maha Tissa who believed that they were arahats for 60 years until one of their awakened students realized this and helped them to make the final step. The Pali texts refer to those who claimed arahatship on the basis of destruction of the asavas alone as the wisdom liberated (pannavimutta) or those who are liberated by insight alone (sukha vipassika, suddha vipassika), i.e. Detox diet at home 2016.

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