Debunking The Stretching Myth

Stretching is not considered a particularly high premium healthy characteristic. Stretching has been a buzz word, and rarely has anyone been given the opportunity to question whether this is a virtue for health and longevity by increasing flexibility.

We have seen a significant deterioration of connective tissue strength and pervasive injuries in every sport and at every age through the dangerous stretching practices of the conventional fitness industry. There are important myths to overcome. Some of these myths are listed here and then debunked:

+ Flexibility is the primary characteristic of health and sportive! Combative performance.

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The more flexible, the better.

+ Flexibility is a form of injury prevention.

+ Injury results from insufficient warm up to increase flexibility.

+ Injury happens when tissue is stretched maximally.

+ Static stretching is safe and productive; dynamic stretching (mobility training and
ballistic motion) is unsafe and unproductive.

+ Daily stretching is mandatory for flexibility maintenance.

+ Flexibility requires many years and is the first characteristic lost.

+ (The most terrible) Flexibility is gained through elongating the tissues (deformation).

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