Dangers Of Fitness Core Training

As a result of the conventional fixation on the crunch/sit-up-style abdominal exercise, a culture of postural distortion is readily observable, even if we only look at any gym, and most actors, models, personal trainers, martial artists, physical therapists, and celebrity coaches.

We see chronic forward spinal flexion of forward transposed neck; sunken chest (and of course compensatory overdeveloped pecs); distended, overdeveloped abdominal wall; and posteriortilted pelvis (accompanied by a “fanny pack” oflower-back tension).

The overemphasis of outer unit abdominal work pulls the chest downward and the neck forward and pulls the hip flexors tight, creating the collapsed posture so prominent in today's fitness industry. These imbalances create inherent postural weaknesses, especially in the lower back and the shoulders, and have significantly contributed to the high prevalence oflower back and shoulder injuries in patients appearing in physical therapy clinics.

But even farther along on the Wheel ofDis Ease are the chronic implications of postural distortions. Postural distortions progress into cumulative deep tissue and organ trauma, nervous interference and pain, biochemical and bioenergetic imbalances, illness, fatigue, and disease.

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