Dance Pose Yoga

Dance Pose Yoga

After that mistake of falling over the chair, Tony sought me out for more interesting jobs to do in the office. I like to think that he remembered me because of the mistake that I had made. It made him remember me, a pretty funny incident with a correct answer.

So the point of this rather rambling story is do not run away from mistakes, we all make them everyone on the planet. It will make you stand out and get you noticed that is the positive spin on things.

Also people will probably judge you more on how you respond to your mistake than the mistake itself. They will be glad that it was not them that said the goofy thing or fell over a chair. How you respond by coming back for more having learned from the experience will probably resonate even more.

Do not run away from your mistakes, embrace them, have fun and take it all as part of the learning experience of life.

We are born looking a certain way, with certain features, sex, looks, attributes etc. Basically we are made this way and generally we try and make the best of ourselves but we are only human. However the media generally tries to project “perfect” images by air brushing photographs, styling, hours of makeup applications etc. so that the image appeals to the majority.

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