Daily Yoga Poses For Beginners

Daily Yoga Poses For Beginners

The pilot had already announced that there would be no on flight service for the first hour and a half as the turbulence would be too bad. How was I going to survive an hour and a half of this?

The answer came. On flight TV. I switched this on and started to watch.

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The programme was great and I was in there with the actors. Loved it.

I completely forgot about the turbulence, I had effectively learned how to dance in the rain. Admittedly trapped into it, but I had done it nonetheless.

And after that I have had no fears of flying. I have had another experience of weather like that out of Doha, landed at Jersey Airport (near France) in a 40 MPH crosswind and had an aborted landing. I just danced on!

I travel a lot for work these days, quite a bit of flying so learning to dance in the rain with regards flying has certainly helped my career. In the past I would probably have avoided jobs that entailed flying.

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