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It is good to remember too that meditation is not about fixing ourselves jent person and accept what we find here and now, warts and all. Everything about us is welcomed into the heart space of warmth and forgiveness. m|i

Meditation is a holiday for the heart. Many of us however, are fixated by what we think is wrong with us and so approach meditation either to try and avoid our pain or to get rid of it. Trying to change yourself through effort in this way is like trying to change the weather, impossible!

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A lot of us may complain about the weather but we also know that it will change without any effort on our part Our experience is the same, it will change if we stop interfering and resisting it. Be open to your joy and pain and you will have an easier and a more joyful life.

If your heart feels sad then let it be sad, because it will pass. If it feels frustrated or angry then let it feel frustrated or angry, because it will pass. If your heart feels at peace and joyful then let it feel at peace and joyful, because it too will pass. Often when we experience unpleasant feelings we have judgements that they are bad and we want to get rid of them. Instead of trying to avoid these experiences try being kind and friendly toward them.

So sit quietly for 20 minutes each morning or evening, drop all judgements of how you should be and give your heart a holiday every day.

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