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Daily yoga Pics on Statues of the ardhanarisvara (the lord who is half woman) begin to appear in the Gupta period (320-400 ce). These sculptures have the right half possessing all the iconographic features of Siva and the left half those of Uma.14 In the hymns of some Tamil Nayanmars, Siva and Uma are identified with the prakrti and purusa of Samkhya. All these developments constitute what Bhattacharyya calls dependent saktism, where the worship of the female principle is channelled through the structures of the mainstream traditions. Not until the Devimahatmya section of the Markandeya Purana does an independent saktism begin to emerge. One of the invocations in this text presents the superiority of the goddess in no uncertain terms: Thou art the cause of all the worlds. Though characterised by three qualities [the Samkhya gunas], Even by Hari, Hara [Visnu and Siva] and other gods thou art incomprehensible. Daily yoga Pics 2016.


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Daily yoga Pics

Daily yoga Pics

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