Daily Weight Loss Tips

Daily Weight Loss Tips


Travel with a couple of apples, a bottle of water, and some nibblies: a small bag of granola, an energy bar, some dried fruit, and/or nuts in your pack or purse. Sound like rabbit food? What’s not to like about a rabbit?


Why not turn your locker (or pack) into a minimart? Apples and tangerines last quite a while. Energy bars also have a good shelf lifewhen sealed up in their original wrappers. (But check the ingredients listsome energy bars are the nutritional equivalents of candy bars!)

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Mixed nuts are a good standby. So are individually wrapped packets of whole grain crackers or chips.

The ants come marching one by one, hurrah. And some schools even haveyikes! a roach problem. Keep your snacks sealed in containers or closed up in sealable plastic bags.

Snacks can’t last forever in the depths of a backpack or the rubble of a locker. Check the expiration date of provisions that have been around for a while.

How do you choose an energy bar? Look at the ingredients list and Nutrition Facts label.

• Choose bars that contain whole grains (like oats, millet, and barley) and have at least 4 grams of fiber

• Go for bars that have at least 7 grams of protein and don’t contain partially hydrogenated oils or trans fat

• Nuts, nut butter, or dried fruits are great additions (if you’re not allergic to nuts).

• Sugar should be listed toward the end of the ingredients list (see here). Sugar has many names, including glucose, galactose, dextrose, fructose, sucrose, lactose, maltose, corn syrup, brown sugar, and corn sweetener Sugar is sugarnone is more healthy than another Look for bars that have no more than 12 grams of sugar.

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