Crow Yoga Pose

Crow Yoga Pose

However, it gives you a nice warm feeling to be planting trees for others. It is nice to get into this feeling when you go about your life, it is nice that a by-product of you earning your living is to be giving to others as well, people you will never see.

This particular saying has particular resonance with me at this time of writing. I have just left the Middle East where job prospects are generally pretty good. I was in Qatar that is arguably the richest country in the world right now (2012). However I have recently come home to England.

Most aspects of this move have been fantastic for me. To be with family and friends again has been great. To see the colour green (after the dull sand coloured desert), to experience rain, to be in a democracy, to be in the British way of life, the Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 London Olympics spirit etc. has all been fantastic.

However, a very small portion of this move has been some global whining (or at least national whining).

Firstly people have been constantly complaining about the weather (it has been the wettest three months of summer since records began). I argue with people about this. In Doha now it is probably pushing 50 degrees and you cannot go outside to do things so you are restricted to shopping malls. Also it is ramadan that enforces further restrictions on what you can and cannot do.

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