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Crea yoga on Firstly, we are told that he is a special kind of purusa. What makes him special are the facts that he has always been untouched by defilement, action and its consequences and the store of mental deposits. He was also the teacher of former yogins because he, out of all the purusas, has never been bound by time. His symbol is OM and the recitation of this will enable the reciter to understand the nature of lsvara. Furthermore, he is said to be omniscient.41 It is clear that for Patanjali the lsvara can help the yogin in some way, for he was the teacher of former yogins. But exactly how does lsvara help purusas which are in bondage? Mircea Eliade explains it in the following way: this divine aid is not the effect of a desire or a feeling for god (lsvara) can have neither desires nor emotions but of a metaphysical sympathy between Isvara and the purusa, a sympathy explained by their structural correspondence what is involved then, is a sympathy metaphysical in nature, connecting two kindred entities. Crea yoga 2016.

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