Crazy Yoga Poses Pictures

Crazy Yoga Poses Pictures

Fast forward another year and I had yet another line manager. He was much more balanced and gave me reasonable praise where warranted and constructive criticism where required. It was for me a very fair appraisal.

None of these appraisals defined me. It was me every time sitting in judgement, but these three people had different opinions of me as a quantity surveyor. But at the end of the day it was just their opinions, I had not really changed too much.

Therefore do not let others sit in judgement on you. I was not affected particularly adversely by any of these three appraisals. I gave them some thought and acted where I understood and bought into the comment.

Just one other point in this story. The appraisal that was the most valuable to me was the critical one. I did not like it and it was this critical one that made me work the hardest following the criticism. I felt as if I had become complacent, and acted swiftly to redress the balance. I got back to the professional and harmony approach to my work. 58 Well done is better than well said Well done is better than well said.

This is a great quote for me. And as ever it works on a few levels.

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