Crane Pose In Yoga

Crane Pose In Yoga

A couple of examples and thoughts for you:

Imagine an aeroplane at the airport and people are climbing on board. The flight is forecast to be turbulent. Some people will be first time flyers, some people if is an everyday business trip. Two people will probably absolutely terrified and they are just the pilots!

So, you have all of these people getting on the same flight and about to have the same experience. However, people will react differently particularly if there is a bit of turbulence. You need to change your attitude to enjoy the flight if you are a “nervous type” (bad labelling there!).

In 1997 I had been on holiday to the USA and I was about to board a Jumbo Jet to return to London in New York JFK Airport. Unfortunately the weather was the back end of a hurricane. Incredible amounts of rain and extremely windy. We got to the airport and I thought we are not going up in this surely?

We were. The plane was vibrating on the ground before we took off. It was swaying on the taxiway to the runway. As a nervous flyer, my palms were sweaty and I was probably as white as a sheet (whiter than I normally am LOL).

When we took off the plane immediately got caught in a gust of wind and shot off to the left. The entire plane then just shook and shook and shook, with more tremendous jerks around in the air.

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