Couples Yoga Poses

Couples Yoga Poses

Where are YOU now?

What are the advantages of being where you are? Don’t think of things you cannot do or people you cannot share your life with. What can you do with what you have and where you are?

The same is true of your working life. Where I am working currently is a fairly scruffy little office. It is not so clean. However, I am with great buzzy people and we all team together and have a great working day. I therefore look forward to going to work despite the office conditions.

How can you think differently in your working life to see the advantages rather than the disadvantages? As Zig Ziglar says, are you guilty of “Stinking Thinking”?

Try writing a list of positive things that you LOVE about your work. Write down even the smallest things such as the coffee and you will soon have a long list following on from that.

Make the best of where you are and what you have. Think about how you can apply that to your working life.

Whilst I wouldn’t advise wandering out into a storm just for the fun of it, storms in our lives can be very helpful and we need to take advantage of them and like the saying above, learn to dance.

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