Core Strength Yoga Poses

Core Strength Yoga Poses

Try your utmost to stay in love with your colleagues, your boss, your subordinates and you will learn, and just like the lovely old couple in the picture you will stay in love with them. And most importantly of all they will help advance you in your career. Also when times are bad, try and notice and remember what you are learning when you are under a bit of pressure. This is the time when you will learn the most about managing in difficult times, again you will learn about yourself too.

One last thought on this picture was that I watched the George Harrison documentary called “Living in the Material World” where his wife Olivia said that being married for some time is good for you as when there are times of turbulence that you help to knock the rough edges off of each other.

I don’t think that she meant literally but in terms of our abilities to get along, to become a team, and to be the person we need to be in a long term relationship. The benefits of staying together are huge.

Try your utmost to remain in love with your job and you will reap the rewards and you too will soon be Working Wow.

There is an old story that I recall, maybe it is from the bible? It will help to illustrate the point here, and I will update it where necessary.

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