Core Power Yoga Poses

Core Power Yoga Poses

This is so true for me, you have to make the best of what you have and stop whinging on about what you don’t have. Stop focusing on negative things and be much more positive.

For example at the time of writing I am working Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates during the week. My wife is in Doha in Qatar that is 200 miles away. We only see each other at weekends and this situation will continue for 12 weeks.

I could sit and mope and say to myself that I would like to be with my wife and my life is no good when we are not together. While I would much prefer to be with my wife, I just have to concentrate on other areas of my life, I have a whole life and my wife (although a vital part) is a part.

Therefore I get on with organising my blog, chasing a new job (we are leaving the Middle East to return to England next week), making phone calls and generally being pretty productive.

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I am endeavouring to make the best of what I have, the time that I have now is everything and I am giving it a positive action.

Similarly, we are in a place at any time. That place has particular advantages and we must take advantage of what we have and make the most of it.

As I am living in Abu Dhabi at the moment, I cannot go skiing. (There is a dry slope down the road in Dubai) Therefore I concentrate on what I can do here. I do not think about things I cannot do. I go to the gym or the pool in the hotel that I am staying at. I walk the streets of Abu Dhabi and seek inspiration for my blog, clear my thoughts or just enjoy the exercise.

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