Copd Breathing Exercises

Illustration 4: The coordination between the lungs and the diaphragm

The dome shaped diaphragm musculature flattens under tension, swings somewhat downwards evasively into the abdominal cavity and thereby provides space for the expanding lungs.

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The intercostal muscles lift the ribcage and widen it sidewards and outwards, whereby the breastbone is also lifted. Through this expansion of the torso cavities a low-pressure is created in contrast to the higher atmospheric pressure of the outer atmosphere, so that according to physical law the external air flows in and is greedily absorbed like a sponge by the elastically expanding lung tissue.

Thereby the lungs, which are connected to the ribcage through the pleura, expand sidewards and towards the abdominal cavity. The lungs are respirated. The auxiliary inhalation muscles only become active during deep inhalation.

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