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Complete yoga poses on Note, however, that in this section we have a change in terminology Kratu Prajapati re- fers to the purusa and the ksetra-jna rather than the atman. This purusa is described as being pure, clean, void, tranquil, breathless, selfless (niratmananta), endless, undecaying, steadfast, eternal, unborn, independent.34 This is a good description of the Samkhya purusa, though here it is single rather than multiple (as is usually the case with the Vedic schools of Samkhya described in the 12th book of the Mahabharata). The description of the individual also draws heavily on Samkhya terminology. The account of creation, however, draws on earlier Upanisadic teachings. The motive for creation is loneliness. So creation comes into existence because of desire rather than as god s play (Hla) or projection rooted in ignorance as is the case in much of the later Vedanta. Complete yoga poses 2016.

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