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Common yoga poses on Both manifest considerable variety. Trances can be induced by rhythmic and repetitive movement, bodily immobility, attentional absorption (e.g. on a fixed point, a person s voice or a process), intense stress, extended periods of solitude, balancing of muscle tonus, loss of bodily equilibrium accompanied by a loud noise and a host of other techniques.16 They can be used to create analgesic and anaesthetic effects in most areas of the body, to eliminate conditioned responses to a variety of stimuli, to change memories, to enhance performance in various activities, to generate experiences of so-called former lives and a whole host of seemingly veridical hallucinations. In short, there are many ways to create a trance state and many things you can do with it once you have it. Given this variety, one might wonder whether there is anything that all trances have in common, anything that usefully distinguishes trance experience from other kinds of experience. Common yoga poses 2016.

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