Comfort Zones Winter Workouts and Working From Home


Although I love working out, there are times in the day I need to feel calm and serene, so found your article ‘Just breathe’ (November issue) most helpful. I’ve been hearing good things about mindfulness and have tried it before. But my mind would take flight and I’d stress about things in my life.

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I now realise I can train my mind to fully attend to what’s happening. I really think this can help me find more meaning and purpose in my life, and teach me it’s OK sometimes to step out of my comfort zone. I feel calmer just thinking about the changes I intend to make to my life so it’s happier and more fulfilling. Many, many thanks.

Kym Yetton, Cambridgeshire


Thank you tor your article ‘Be a healthy home worker’ (November issue). I’ve been working from home for the past two years and have been feeling increasingly isolated as a result. Your suggestion to schedule in calls and meet colleagues has made all the difference. I now make sure I go info London at least once or twice a week to meet clients and fake my laptop to a shared workspace every Monday – which sets me up tor a productive week. I’ve also invested in a sit/stand desk and find it makes me much more alert and productive. Thanks for a really useful, practical article. Jess Tomlinson, Reigate


Reset your body’ (November issue) was a real feel-good feature. Thank you. As the days draw in and temperatures drop, I’ve been tempted to hang up my exercise gear and hibernate. But your article has motivated me not to. I can easily stay active throughout autumn and winter and beat those seasonal blues, thanks to the Tone It Up girls’ re-energising workout! It used to be easy to make excuses to stay indoors, but it I establish a workout routine, it should be very manageable.I know I’m going to feel good about keeping my body healthy, even when the weather’s cold. Brilliant! Alexa Poole, Flintshire

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