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Forget hot yoga or sweating it out in SoulCycle – the hottest fitness trend coming out of New York could see your workouts getting seriously cool. Inside the world’s first cold-temperature fitness studio, Brrrn (thebrrrn. com), the climate ranges from a frigid 7°C for HUT classes to a chilly 15.5°C for yoga (traditional studios operate between 22 and 43°C). Co-founder Jimmy Martin claims the resulting ‘mild cold stress’ helps clients to train harder, build up tolerance to cooler temperatures, and burn more calories and fat as the body has to work harder to raise its core temperature.

Here in the UK, yogini and meditation teacher Michelle Moroney, runs retreats on the Wim Hof breathing method (cliffsofmoberretreat. com), which allows people to brave colder temperatures and even submerge themselves in icy-cold water to relieve stress, boost immunity and sporting performance and improve sleep.

‘Our lifestyles have left us addicted to 20-22°C. If it’s colder, we turn up the heat or put on more clothes,’ says Moroney. ‘But our bodies adapt to function, so we need to give ourselves the opportunity to adapt and get stronger. The cold represents challenges in life, and when we face it, our body goes into “fight or flight”. But training ourselves to be calm is very useful in these stressful times.’ Enjoy some of the benefits by turning down the heating and wearing fewer layers for outdoor exercise.

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The phrase ‘shop till you drop’ is taking on a new meaning as department stores include gym spaces in their branches in an attempt to increase customer footfall and create new revenue streams. Following on from the success of free, in-store yoga and Pilates sessions in shops such as Sweaty Betty, LuluLemon and Nike, Debenhams is partnering with fitness chain Sweat ( to roll out its own gyms. September saw the opening of a 17,575 sq ft gym in the Sutton store (with state-of-the-art Technogym equipment), where manager Martin Taylor revealed he was excited to offer customers ‘the opportunity to combine a workout, possible meet-up with friends and convenient shopping trip all under one roof’. And two more sites are set to open in Manchester and Bristol. With the stores already owning the space, membership is kept low (from £18.99 a month) and you also get shopping incentives such as pre-loaded cards to redeem against purchases which build the more you visit the gym. What’s not to like?!

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