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Cleansing diet on 75 Such situations are much more common than we might expect. As Matt Ridley comments, prisoners dilemmas are all around us. Broadly speaking any situation in which you are tempted to do something, but know it would be a great mistake if everybody did the same thing [such as picking flowers in a park], is likely to be a prisoners dilemma Tropical rain forests, bizarrely, are products of prisoners dilemmas. The trees that grow in them spend the great majority of their energy growing upwards towards the sky, rather than reproducing. If they could come to a pact with their competitors to outlaw all tree trunks and respect a maximum tree height of ten feet, every tree would be better off. But they cannot.76 Are we, like tropical trees, stuck in endlessly competitive and inefficient prisoners dilemma games, or have we more options, can we break free? Well, yes and no. Cleansing diet 2016.


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