Circular Breathing Yoga

Every individual has a different disposition and different needs and preferences. How an individual relaxes should be left to them Why relaxing the head area is so important Poor is the person for whom the head is everything Goethe Relaxation and relieving of the head area leads us more to our actual centre of gravity in the pelvic area.

When we feel too little ground contact we lose the ground under our feet the feeling for our centre of gravity; we become top-heavy and hang in the clouds. Concentration then means tension and cramping of the head muscles, a painful need to struggle, instead of collecting our physical, emotional and mental forces in the centre of our being.

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Really we should rest the head until the body is ready and needs it again. Instructions like Now send your head on vacation, Leave your head on the coat rack when you come in, Let your head dissolve like an effervescent tablet, have helped many top-heavy individuals to relax and allow themselves to fall through use of their imagination.

Exercises to relax the head and neck area should serve to loosen and relax the head, and provide us with a rather uncongested and permeable feeling instead of a compact feeling of the uppermost positioned part of our body. The cavities of the head that are in constant exchange with the external environment should thereby be experienced as being pleasantly airy. The hard boundaries between the head and the external atmosphere, between inside and outside become blurred, when the allowing in and allowing out, the giving and taking, the exchange with environment have improved through relaxation and release.

The saying keeping the head cool and the feet warm, makes the best doctor poor, and the formula for the adjustment of the head area during Autogenic Training make the head (or respectively forehead) pleasantly cool and clear, then this also addresses a released, airy cool sensation in the head area, which stands in contrast to a sensation of warmth that radiates from the solar plexus and up from the feet and propagates into the body regions below the head and neck.

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