Children Yoga Poses

Children Yoga Poses

We all have an opinion about other people whether we deny this or not. Name a famous sportsperson, politician or musician and you are sure to say something positive or negative. But it does not define them just based on your opinion. It is what it is, just your opinion.

Another thought is that you are something different to other people. For me I am a husband, son, nephew, great nephew, work colleague, mentor, fellow club member etc. I am one of these guises in different situations and to different people. I am, like you, pretty complex and complicated! Again, none of these labels defines me. I am me, different things to different people. Just like you.

Therefore if you carry these thoughts a little further and consider them in the workplace, you are not what other people think of you. You are still you.

I had an appraisal at work one year where I got on really well with my line manager. He carried out my appraisal very professionally. We laughed a lot while we did it. If you could read that appraisal you would probably think that I was the best quantity surveyor since sliced bread!

The next year and over-critical and pessimistic line manager had arrived on the scene. Carrying out my appraisal was like pulling teeth. Painful. It lasted twice as long as it should have done. If you had read this appraisal, only one year after the first, you would have thought it was a different person. And you would have wondered why the company employed me?

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