Child Pose Yoga

Child Pose Yoga

Other techniques that stimulate the Lungs and Large Intestine:

Lion’s Breath

1. Come to sit in a comfortable position with a straight spine (Seiza if comfortable)

2. Take a deep breath in through the nose and lean back slightly.

3. As you begin to exhale, start to bring your torso forward. Open your mouth, stick out your tongue, open your eyes as wide as possible, and breath out through your mouth as you drift your torso forward. Empty out the lungs.

4. Relax the face and repeat about 3 times.

Self massage of the internal organs

1. Start by gently working the fingers into the abdominal cavity, just below the belly button. Then work your way up the right hands side of the abdominal cavity moving slowly.

2. Move around the belly area like a face of a clock returning back to below the belly button.

3. Then relax and have some water. It can make you feel a bit weird for a while afterwards to just sit down or rest and let things return to ‘normal’.

Tapping the arms and chest area with loose fists (a Qi Gong technique)

1. Use one hand at a time to gently pummel the opposite side of the chest.

2. Then slowly move the pummel down the inside of the opposite arm. When you reach the ringer, turn the arm over and pummel up the outside of the arm back up to the shoulder and over to the lungs.

3. Repeat 3 rounds on each side.

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