Child pose in yoga

Child pose in yoga on Meditation on the 12 components of the om is combined with directing the prana through the various gates or doors that lead to moksa. Unlike earlier Upanisads, the Amrtabindu describes the various pranas as being coloured: prana red; apana cochineal (scarlet); samana milky; vyana flame coloured; udana pale yellow. Dhyanabindu (D – 23 verses; A – 106 verses) The opening verses of this Upanisad tell us that the only way to destroy karma is by dhyana yoga. Also, in common with other Yoga Upanisads and much tantric literature, the syllable (aksara) which is elsewhere used as a synonym for Brahman, e.g. MundU 2.1, is presented as merely penultimate. Child pose in yoga 2016.

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Child pose in yoga

Child pose in yoga


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