Chakra Energy Bracelets

Chakra Energy Bracelets

The bracelet for change is the pioneering concept of Shira Bassi. Shira is an international speaker and author of Successful heart leaders and Living from the heart and promotes heart experiences at work and life.

Together with famous Bollywood designer, Vijay Golecha, Shira has created the bracelet for change to raise money for the Orphanage Trust, and hopes to sell 2,000 of the Charka bracelets.

Chakras influence our physical, emotional and mental state, and correspond to vital points in the physical body. If an energy centre runs low it can change a person’s physical, mental and emotional state. If kept in a cleansed and energized condition, they can help us live a stress free, healthier life.

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Made from sterling silver, the bracelet features a clasp fitting with seven changeable semi-precious gemstones, specifically selected for each chakra type.

The solid silver bracelet retails at £249.00, of which £150.00 is donated to the Shakti Anand Orphanage Trust. The i8ct gold plated bracelet retails at £299.00, of which £200.00 pounds will go directly to the charity.

Jjoshow your support and help the fantastic work of Shakti Anand Orphanage Trust to continue, select me Chakra Energy Bracelet, available at the Chakra Restaurant London, Notting Hill Gate, Onitaa’s London in Marylebone, Golecha Jewellers Mumbai and via designer Shira Bassi’s own site:

The Shakti Anand Trust

The Shakti Anand Orphanage Trust is a UK registered charity and a local registered trust in Goa, India. Its mission is to empower homeless, under-privileged girls in India, aged 7 to 16. The trust delivers education programmes in its private, entrepreneurial school, drawing on yoga, leadership and coaching methods of teaching. The trust also has links with other Indian charities and UK schools, to connect UK and Indian children for mutual development and growth.

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