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But our meetings together after I got back were no fun at all. I was single at the time and they were married with two young sons. We would meet for dinner and I found myself struggling for things to say. My friend would make remarks about my lifestyle in a mocking way, mainly because it was different to his own. I did not enjoy this relationship any more.

I struggled with my conscience over this for some time and asked three female friends what I should do? I wrote emails to them explaining my dilemma that I loved these people but I no longer felt close to them or particularly cared about the relationship.

Two replies came back that it was obvious from what I had written that these people were no longer my friends. This troubled me for a while; I did not feel comfortable with the responses. This was my decision not my friends to make. It was to do with my choice to be in the relationship or not.

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Then the third reply came in. This lady simply said these people are no longer part of my life. Accept it. There are other people waiting to come into my life, make some space for them.

All the lights came on; I could completely understand all the pieces. I ended the relationship and moved on with my life.

Very shortly afterwards I met my wife Sandra. My friend’s advice was so right.

So think about this in your working life. If you feel uncomfortable in your working life, maybe it is time to end the relationship even if you are not sure of the next step at the time. Make some space for a new and better life. Think about it.

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