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Want insider knowledge of how to get in shape and stay that way? Speak to celebrity personal trainer of the moment Bradley Simmonds .

He’s amassed 231.8K followers on Instagram and counts One Direction’s Niall Horan, footballers John Terry, Theo Walcott and Brendan Rodgers, TV personality Louise Redknapp and singer Emma Bunton among his clients. There’s no doubt that UK personal trainer to the stars, Bradley Simmonds, is a fitness force to be reckoned with. His first book Get It Done (Harper Collins, £16.99) promises to help you hone a better body, for good. It’s not about one-size-fits-all, but a matter of finding the plan that works for you – that’s why the book boasts more than 30 workouts, more than 10 workout plans and 60 quick-to-prep meals.

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‘I pride myself as a personal trainer who doesn’t have one particular method, and can freely adapt to any client or goal,’ Simmonds tells us. ‘I practise a variety of training methods to ensure I’m always enjoying the process.’ Indeed, the fitfluencer regularly posts snippets of his workout routine – which consists of a mix of weight training, HIIT and long-distance endurance work – on his social media. And it’s this varied method that keeps the trainer in such good shape. The book is testimony to Simmonds’ open-minded approach to fitness. There are bodyweight and TRX sessions, barbell and dumbbell moves, and circuit-training routines.

Something for everyone There’s a plan for those looking to gain weight through adding lean muscle, tone without bulking up, carve a defined core, and even one for those who just want to feel good while increasing energy levels. It’s combined with Simmonds’ advice on how to eat well and stay healthy – something we’d all like to do. It’s easy to see how Simmonds’ take on fitness training could lead to long-term results. And, if you really want the answer for getting fit and staying that way, the star trainer suggests putting your health first. ‘Prioritise your health and be consistent – this is something that not enough people do,’ he says. ‘Don’t give up. Long-term, healthy and sustainable results don’t come overnight.’ Want a taster of how to achieve a better body and keep it? We’ve gleaned a few workout tips from Simmond’s new book to help you on your fitness journey. Ready, set – go!


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