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Cats Pose Yoga

However, what happens if someone does not show you the same courtesy? You do something and there is no acknowledgement to your favour? What should you do then? My answer is “nothing”, tempting though it is to have your say. I have worked in the Middle East for 5 years and very often I have held doors open for people and they have walked right through without the slightest acknowledgement that I exist, let alone let me know that I have shown them a favour. It is a temptation to shout after them, but I do not do this. Why not?

Because it is their problem, not mine. For others not to show favour is their decision and reflects badly on them.

You will show manners as this will reflect well on you. And by not shouting something after people also shows that you have the manners not to show someone else up.

People will appreciate you more for showing them manners.

Further to this, surely opening the door for others is reward enough? By giving a favour and not expecting something in return further shows your manners. Be patient and you will get the reward back, maybe on another day and from a different person, but it will come to you. The universe always delivers.

In these ways in the workplace you will be putting on your best face and this will help to promote your person in the working world.

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