Caterpillar Yoga Pose

Caterpillar Yoga Pose

This pose works the entire spine, so it is not easy. Do your best to smile as you work, keeping the mind in a positive state. Hold this pose for as long as you can before lowering back to the mat. Rest for several breaths before moving to the next pose.

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Lying on your stomach, roll your body to one side so that you can bring your arm with palm down under you. Then roll to the other side, bringing your other arm palm down right next to your other hand. The closer your hands are together under your body, the easier this pose becomes. Allow your chin or your mouth to rest firmly on your mat. Grip your hands into the mat as if you are pressing it away from you.

On an inhalation, raise one leg into the air, keeping the other in complete contact with your mat. Lift your raised leg as much as possible and then hold for a complete breath. Lower your leg on an exhalation and repeat on the other side. Do 5 to 6 sets with each leg before resting on your stomach.

Bring your hands under your body just as you did for the previous pose. Again, work the hands and arms as close together as possible – this will be a bit uncomfortable for your wrists and elbows, however the pressure you are putting on them actually does wonders for helping to keep the joints healthy and to heal past injuries by flushing scar tissue out of the joint.

Instead of alternating legs like you did before, this time you will lift both legs up at the same time, working to keep the legs together by squeezing your thighs in towards the center line of your body. The more you are able to press your hands down into the mat, the more leverage you will have for lifting your legs off the ground. Remember to keep your chin or mouth in contact with the mat to prevent any injury or strain to your neck.

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