Cardiovascular Exercises For Weight Loss

Cardiovascular Exercises For Weight Loss


Hotlines are telephone numbers you can call when you need help with a problem. The very first pages of the phone book usually list hotline numbers along with other emergency numbers. The information operator (411) or regular operator (0) also can help get hotline numbers.

The Boys and Girls Town National Hotline is set up to help kids in crisis.

This organization is staffed by trained volunteers who can help callers identify their problems, explore options, and develop a plan of action. They also offer referrals to community-based services, support groups, and even shelters if necessary.

Boys and Girls Town National Hotline: The call is freeand it’s available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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Beginning tomorrow, or as soon as possible, eat a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinnerand one or two healthy snacks in between. Review The Cactus Plan (chapter 5) regarding recommendations for healthy eating.

Focus on eating a total of at least seven servings of rainbow-colored fruits and vegetables each day (combined).

Drink fluids throughout the day, mostly water. Drink about seven to eight cups, total and, of course, not all at once!

The next time you buy milk, make yours 1 percent low-fat or skim.

The next time you buy bread, make yours whole grain.

The next time you buy breakfast cereal, make yours whole grainwith whole grains at the top of the ingredients list printed on the box, low in sugar, and high in fiber.

Sleep for eight to nine hours tonight and every night you can.

Enjoy a little sunshine.

Schedule some quality time with a parent in the very near future. In this case, quality time would mean together timewhen you can have the opportunity to talk and listen to each other. Maybe it could involve taking a walk, playing a game, preparing a meal.

Set reasonable goals for yourself involving safe, supervised, fun physical activity. Review The Cactus Plan regarding recommendations for routine physical activity.

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