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Can you do yoga at home on With regard to our soteriology scheme, these yogas seek to eradicate the effects of karma and enable the practitioner to gain freedom from rebirth, though the acquisition of supernormal powers also plays a central role and may, originally, have been a primary concern. All present us with yoga as an essentially self-power path, though there is considerable variation in the ontologies, ranging from monism through dualism (one prakrti, one purusa) to pluralism (one prakrti, many purusas). Knowledge is gained through the practice of meditation. In Rawlinson s scheme, all these forms of yoga fall into the cool category, though they seem to have both a structured and progressive character (distinct stages or levels) and an unstructured one (via indifference and detachment vairagya). Post 5 THE ORTHODOX PHILOSOPHICAL SYSTEMS In the later epic period northern India was in a state of political and religious fragmentation. Across much of the north west, kingdoms ruled by the descendants of the Greeks who arrived with Alexander (called Yavanas, a term that came to refer to all the annoying outsiders of the western borderlands 1) denied the authority of the Vedas and were organized according to Greek-derived rather than brahmanical codes. Moreover, heterodox traditions such as Buddhism and Jainism had also established a foothold in these areas. Can you do yoga at home 2016.

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