Can A Belly Piercing Be Unsafe Or Inhibitive During Pilates or Yoga Exercise?

To start, the piercing needs to be done professionally and hygienically. The piercing should then be allowed to heal properly and completely, a process that may take several months. These efforts are made to avoid dermatologic problems like skin infections, that can sometimes lead to more serious complications, such as a systemic infection. A colleague of mine and a board-certified dermatologist, Margarita Lolis, MD, conferred that a belly piercing is not of concern “as long as there is no evidence of an underlying cyst or surrounding skin infection.” Signs indicating the presence of these issues include surrounding redness, tenderness, swelling or warmth.

Can A Belly Piercing Be Unsafe Or Inhibitive During Pilates or Yoga Exercise? Photo Gallery

If these problems are not present, a navel piercing should not theoretically inhibit the practice of Pilates. But every body is different, and every manipulation of it has a cause and effect. If a client with a belly adornment cannot articulate the spine efficiently for reasons otherwise unknown, perhaps a trial of piercing removal might be appropriate. Depending on the shape of the piercing, some clients may also feel discomfort in prone, hyperextended or flexed positions that cause increased friction on the piercing. So teachers, when a piercing is present, keep some Swan Dive and Roll-Over modifications at your disposal.

Carrie McCulloch, MD, is a leader in anatomy and movement education, author and co-founder of Kinected in New York City. With backgrounds in movement and medicine, she bridges gaps between these worlds for students, teachers and clients. Carrie is a cofounder of the FAMI Workshop, an internationally renowned anatomy immersion course for fitness professionals held in a medical school setting. Her latest book, Netter’s Moving AnatoME: An Interactive Guide to Musculoskeletal Anatomy, is due out in 2019. She originally received her full certification from STOTT PILATES®, and is currently completing a 200-hour YTT.

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