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Such a person is never born and never dies. Yogariija’s Camel Yoga Pose introduction to verse 55 Thus the actions arising out of ignorance are destroyed on the advent of knowledge and not otherwise, as has been stated in the following verse: The residual impressions of meritorious and ignoble deeds, accumulated in the intellect1 during the time of ignorance, vanish due to the illumination-power of knowledge like an accumulated heap of cotton is incinerated by the power of fire.

Yogariija’s Camel Yoga Pose commentary on verse 55 During the time of ignorance, the period of the experience of false subjectivity consisting of the experience of the Self in the not-self, the fruits of meritorious and ignoble deeds caused by the desire for their enjoyment are destroyed by the illumination of the true knowledge of the real Self in the form of the experience I am the supreme Brahman.

Knowledge of this kind is capable of destroying the experience of false subjectivity. When such knowledge is experienced by the individual aspirant again and again, the power of this knowledge vanquishes ignorance in the intellect once and for all.

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