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Burmese meditation posture on In the Mahabharata, two sections are of considerable significance for yoga: sections 1340 of the sixth book (the Bhdsma parvan) known as the Bhagavad Gita (Song of the Blessed One), and book twelve (the SantiParvan). THE BHAGAVAD GITA The version of the Gita that we have today is unlikely to be the original. Sankara (8th century ce), the earliest known commentator, makes no reference to the first 57 stanzas of the present version (1.1-2.10). More recently, a number of scholars have argued that there was probably a briefer work that was revised at some point, probably, in my view, during the Bhrgu redaction process.4 Most radical of such suggestions is that of Phulgenda Sinha, who locates the core of the work in the first three chapters. Burmese meditation posture 2016.

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