This exercise is also called the deep breathing technique or three parts breathing. This breathing exercise is a preliminary breathing technique which starts to slow down the breathing. Therefore, it is very rejuvenating for the mind and body and gives added longevity.

While in a comfortable seated position, exhale slowly through the nose, and without pausing start inhaling slowly. While you’re inhaling, first focus on expanding in the stomach area, then expanding the chest area, and finally lifting the collarbones. Once the lungs are full, without pausing, start exhaling through the nose. Lower the collarbones with the exhalation, then contract the chest and finally compress the stomach until the last drops of air empty the lungs. Repeat several times until the breaths flow easily in and out of the body. Afer this breathing exercise, you should feel your whole body toned, and your nose, chest, and lungs cleansed. This exercise also helps strengthen the liver and stomach, producing increased digestive powers.11


Easy breath exercise

This preliminary breathing exercise helps the mind become steady when agitated and greatly improves concentration. In an easy seated position, your lef-hand rests on the top of the left. knee. Place your right thumb over your right nostril; the middle and index fingers will rest right between the eyebrows while the ring and pinky fingers will hover over the left, nostril. Closing the left nostril, inhale through the right nostril for five counts. Close both nostrils by gently pressing the fingers on the right and left, side of the nose and hold in the air for five counts. Then sofly open the left, nostril and exhale for a count of 10. Now inhale through the left nostril for five counts. Then close off both nostrils for five counts. Finally, open the right nostril and exhale for 10 counts. This completes one round. Focus on qualities of peace, joy, love, and happiness entering your body and circulating with the inner breaths. Visualize sharing these divine qualities with the people surrounding you, family and friends, and everyone in the world.12 Aim to do seven rounds at a time. Later, you may want to play around with the following numbers:

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