Breathing Techniques For Yoga

Head-hands resistance

Lift the head somewhat and rest it in the hands folded behind the head. Now press at the same time with the head against the hands downwards, on the other hand press the hands upwards against the head. Then allow the head to sink again slowly. Also continue to allow it to sink further in the imagination when it has already reached the mat.

Allow the head to sink into the dish of the hands:

Fold your hands behind the head whilst laying down, allowing your head to sink trustingly into the dish of the hands. Now lift this dish and allow it to sink down again slowly. Even when you have reached the mat again with your hands imagine you are still sinking and allow yourself to let go for a while.

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Allow the head to sink into the dish of the hands (partner exercise):

This exercise is especially effective as a partner exercise: Partner 1 kneeling behind Partner 2 places the head of Partner 2 into his hands that are folded to a dish shape. Partner 2 gives his head trustingly into the care of Partner 1, who lifts it slowly and allows it to sink again in slow motion. If Partner 1 tenses the head whilst it is being lifted, then Partner 2 lets the head sink again immediately and then lifts it again from the beginning position. Then they place the head on the mat again, whilst still imagining the sinking feeling, whereby the hands still enclose the head gently.

Back of head and neck stretching in the dish of the hands:

Fold your hands to a dish shape and take your head and rotate it alternately to the right and left side by turning the elbow of the bent arm in the respective direction. Thereby different parts of the back of the head and neck area are intensively stretched. Whilst doing this it is important not to become tense, but to always allow the head to rest in the dish of the hands. Move the head again to the centre position and allow it to rest on the mat again. Allow it to sink further in your imagination, whereby you continue to gently hold the head for a while.

R Swinging the head in the hammock of the arms (partner exercise):

A similar exercise may also be performed with a partner: Partner 2 kneels at the head end of Partner 1, allows the arms to dangle loosely from the shoulder girdle and folds them to a kind of hammock. Partner 2 places the head of Partner 1 into the hammock of the arms close to the floor. By Partner 2 alternately lifting and lowering their right and left shoulder, the back of the head of Partner 1 is slowly rolled backwards and forwards, and different contact surfaces on the back of the head come into contact with the palms of the hands of the partner. When Partner 2 performs this exercise very slowly and sensitively, and Partner 1 trustingly gives their head over to Partner 2 and does not tense the neck and shoulder area, this exercise has a releasing effect, even liberating effect. It is especially effective for all those who feel tension in the head area.

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