Breathing In Yoga

Relaxing the face, cheeks and lips (practice)

Loosening the face by stretching and displacing the skin:

Loosen your face through soft stretching and displacement of the skin and muscles with circular massage movements of the fingertips, just like we tend to do automatically with headache, migraine, heavy tiredness or doziness. Allow the after-effects of the relaxation.

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Pulling faces:

Tense your facial muscles by pulling all kinds of faces. Imitate different people, animals etc. and allow your features to smooth out again like the mirror of a still ocean.

Smiling to oneself inwardly:

Smile to yourself inwardly as in your nicest vacation photo. This carries the relaxation from the muscle to the psyche – it works inwardly.

Wide mouthed frog:

Pull your mouth wide apart, just like a wide mouthed frog – nearly up to the ears – and then let it go back gently. Whilst doing this feel the exercise inwardly and then relax with a soft and slightly open mouth.

Joking around:

Joke around for a change! Thereby allow your facial muscles to hang softly and loosely. In our brainy world joking about is only rarely accepted. It is immensely relaxing.

Cheshire cat grin:

Grin like a Cheshire cat and allow your facial muscles to open up like milk and honey.

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