Breathing For Yoga

Pulling faces with partner as a mirror

Partner 1 pulls faces, moves eyes, nose, lips, tongue, teeth, lower jaw etc. just like you feel like, Partner 2 then imitates this. After a while Partner 2 takes over the initiative and Partner 1 then imitates this.

Tapping massage with the fingertips:

Bring feeling and sensation into your face through a loose, sensitive tapping massage with the fingertips of both hands on forehead, cheeks, nose, mouth and chin. Feel afterwards: maybe it tickles and prickles already a little in the head area that has not yet been loosened up or massaged, for example the back of the head or the cranium. Now also liberate the other areas of your head from tension, lack of feeling, poor circulation and listlessness.

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Loosening head and neck area:

Now activate the other head and neck areas through stretching and small circular movements of your fingertips, whereby you displace the skin: Cranium – sides of the head – back of the head – along the neck to the shoulders. Perform the movements slowly, sensitively and deeply.

Face shaking on u-u-u:

Bend over forwards to a four-footed position from a kneeling position and shake your facial muscles loosely on the sound u-u-u. Start the sound in the abdomen and leave all muscles released. Whilst doing this you can imagine you are bending over the edge of a deep well and can see a silver coin in the depths of the clear water.

Flipping against inflated cheeks:

Inflate your cheeks like a trumpet angel and snap with your fingers against them If your cheek muscles are in the optimum state of tension there will be a good sound, if they are too limp there will e no sound.

Finger pressure against cheek pressure:

Inflate your cheeks and place your fingertips on them Try to maintain the tension against the finger pressure.

Press out the air:

Inflate your cheeks and press the air out of the mouth again with the fingertips.

Snorting out the air:

Inflate your cheeks whilst exhaling and snort the air out into the atmosphere or into water on the sound Pff.

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